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19th IDS Congress
Paris 2023

23-27 May. 2023

The Immunology of Diabetes Society (IDS) is a scientific society dedicated to improving understanding and treatment of type 1 diabetes. IDS organizes a Congress every 18 months in major centres in Europe, North America and Asia/Oceania at which there are scientific presentations to further this goal.

Centre international de Conférences Sorbonne Université

4 place Jussieu - 44-55

75005 - Paris, France

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*To submit before 15th February 2023

Confirmed Speakers

(by alphabetical order)

Peter Achenbach, Mark Atkinson, Jean-François Bach, Burkhard Becher, Polly Bingley, Christian Boitard, Ezio Enrico Bonifacio, Marcela Brissova, Todd Brusko, Jenny Couper, Mark M. Davis, Gerard Eberl, Decio L. Eizirik, Donna Farber, Carla Greenbaum, John Harris, Len Harrisson, Matthias Hebrok, Kevan Herold, Heikki Hyoty, Sally Kent, David Klatzmann, Aaron J. Kowalski, Jeffrey Krischer, Vito Lampasona, Peter E. Lipsky, Chantal Mathieu, Eoin McKinney, Gerald T. Nepom, Maria Cristina Nostro, Timo Otonkoski, Alberto Pugliese, Frédéric Rieux-Laucat, Bart Roep, Miguel Sanjuan, Pere Santamaria, Andrea Schietinger, Anath Shalev, Tommi Suvitaival, Qizhi Tang, Timothy Tree, Tommi Vatanen, Carola Vinuesa, John Wentworth, Benjamin Youngblood, Anette Ziegler

 Tuesday 23rd

10.30 am

4.00 - 4.30 pm

1.00 pm


Welcome words

  • C. Evans-Molina, IDS president

  • C. Boitard, Director of the INSERM Diabetes National Institute

Immunology of diabetes: past, present and future

*A patient perspective: Aaron Kowalski (JDRF, New York)

*A scientist perspective: Jean-François Bach (Institut Necker, Paris)

4.30 pm

Long Symposium 1: Microbiome, metabolome and innate immunity

Talk 4: Microbiome imprinting of the immune system: Gerard Eberl (Pasteur Institute, Paris)

Talk 5: Lipidome and metabolome in T1D: Tommi Suvitaival (Steno Diabetes Center, Copenhagen)

Talk 6: Gut dysbiosis in T1D: Tommi Vatanen (University of Helsinki)

Oral Abstract 1

Oral Abstract 2

Oral Abstract 3

6.30 pm 

Poster Blast 1 (1 to 15) 


90” and 1 plain slide/each

Upscaling islet autoantibody screening strategies for prevention


Industry session sponsored by RSR

12.00 - 1.00 pm

2.00 pm

7.00 pm 

Plenary 1 

Putting together the pieces of the nPOD puzzle: Mark Atkinson (University of Florida, Gainesville)

Poster Session 1 (1 to 15) 

8.30 pm

2.40 pm

Dinner on your own

Short Symposium 1: Lessons from other diseases

Talk 1: Lessons from monogenic autoimmune disorders: Frédéric Rieux-Laucat (Imagine Institute, Paris)

Talk 2: Lessons from monozygotic twins: Burkhard Becher (University of Zurich)

Talk 3: T-cell exhaustion/stemness in chronic viral infections and cancer: Benjamin Youngblood (St. Jude, Memphis)

Schedule Tue. 23rd
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